Auction & digital offer management

Solutions for real-estate sales

Want to increase reach, transparency and find the best market price while saving time when selling real-estate properties?

We provide real-estate agents with a fully integrated solution to manage the entire process from putting a property up for sale, collecting & managing offers from interested parties to finding the best price & buyer and closing the deal, including all communication and full digital document management.

  • Easy setup: Agents set up the process in less than 5 minutes and they can invite interested buyers on the go, wherever they are
  • Always up-to-date: All parties involved (agent, seller, interested buyers) are automatically updated and able to react in real-time
  • Faster sale: We shorten the time until a property is sold with less work for everyone involved
  • Better results: You can reach more potential buyers and get on average a 5‑15% higher price
  • Happier customers: The fully transparent and digital process creates trust and leads to higher customer satisfaction
  • Highly efficient: Agents save up to 30% of their time thanks to the automated process and communication

Live video auctions

Solutions for the art, luxury and charity markets

Run your own-branded live video auction from anywhere in the world using the best technology in the market

  • True “live” experience: Our proprietary system enables a real-time live-stream with no latency between the physical auction room and the digital user interface allowing for a true “live” experience with no delay
  • High quality video & audio: We broadcast all auctions in HD-quality thereby providing the user with a full TV experience
  • Any location worldwide: We can run and broadcast auctions from any location in the world, even if there is no existing Internet connection available
  • Any device worldwide: Our fully responsive design allows users to watch auctions and place bids from any device worldwide in real-time
  • No plug-ins or downloads needed: A user can access our auctions directly through his browser with no need for additional downloads or apps